Room with a view

When we first bought our place many of our new neighbors would visit to introduce themselves and reminisce about their memories about this farm.  Apparently everyone had some sort of connection to our new home and the stories they shared were universally happy ones. This gave us some hope that there was an innate goodness […]

Fourth of July

Happy (wet) Independence Day. What a great holiday, where we get to celebrate our freedom to do pretty much whatever we want, including consuming unholy amounts of grilled, processed meats. I’m pretty sure we abandoned years of vegetarianism when our oldest son discovered hot dogs at a 4th of July family picnic at the age […]

Planting Onions

We’re reaching a crucial moment with our spring planting as we put the last flat of onons in the ground. No one likes to plant onions because it takes forever. Thinking about handling 25,000 seedlings just doesn’t bring that sense of joy and fulfillment that’s associated with the idyllic misconceptions of farm life. But when […]

Farming in the free world!

Another season is in full swing and each day seems a good excuse to celebrate the re-awakening of earth – in spite of the human propensity to subdue it into a permanent drug induced coma. Earth Day has become one of those celebratory moments that seems almost routine and expected, but for those of us […]

Spring Is Here!

I’m happy to announce that we are back to our weekly schedule. Actually, that’s overstating my true emotions concerning the resumption of regular deliveries. This decison was made by the farm’s executive committee, which I have little control over. The committee is made up of my dog, an undisclosed number of ferral cats and a […]

Spring is coming

It may seem like winter is here to stay, but inside the greenhouse we have already thrown off the yoke of February doldrums. Nothing a little plastic and a couple of tanks of propane can’t cure.  In another week the onions (flats on the left of the picture) will begin their relentless journey to somebodies […]

House Renovations

Rehabilitating an old house is an incremental process that is often accompanied by long periods of neglect and avoidance. That is why after thirty years we will have a bathroom that does not resemble an after thought. Bathrooms and plumbing were still a futuristic fantasy when this house was built, so in many ways the […]

I got them FDA blues

Well, I did it. I commented on the FDA website about the new FSMA rules. But you know the most depressing part of the whole ordeal was not the rules themselves but the process for commenting; because right at the end of the validation the site prompts you to choose a category of concerned citizen that […]